From Pensioner to Pioneer. A Make-up Artist Rejuvenated Grandmothers With Make-up

I’ve a hunch that quite a few ladies over 60 have considerably resigned to the growing older course of. Mature girls typically really feel that they’re previous their prime and that the indulgence of make-up and grooming is for the youthful technology. How regularly can we encounter melancholic and unkempt ladies within the subway, outlets, or on the town streets? It virtually seems as if these beauties have extinguished their spark of life and vigor, doesn’t it? As we speak, I intention to display how make-up can serve to revitalize the looks of any aged girl, making her look as contemporary as a trailblazer. 


Lovely girls

Hats off!

What do you consider the transformations of our heroines at the moment?

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