«Minus 20 years!»: The unimaginable makeover of this housewife left all the world speechless

After the work of stylists, the household of this 60-year-old housewife hardly acknowledged her 😳😍

Right here is S. Antonio who has lately turned 60. For this event she determined to completely change her look and turn out to be unrecognizable. After the work of gifted stylist Ch. Hopkins, she gained much more appeal and class.

The truth that she actually beloved her grey hair made the stylist not change her hair colour. As a substitute, he had it reduce radically altering her picture. Her hair now appeared extra voluminous and more healthy.

What are your ideas on this transformation?

With the assistance of make-up, she was now exhausting to acknowledge. Her new picture enormously stunned all of the netizens.

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