“Disfigured”: Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Ex-wife Overdid her Plastic Surgical procedure Past Recognition

Maria Shriver was lately photographed strolling via the streets of Santa Monica. It ought to be talked about that it was tough to differentiate the previous magnificence and Schwarzenegger’s ex-wife in an unfamiliar girl.

The journalist, it seems, was too keen on cosmetic surgery and has now reworked past recognition. With out holding again their emotions, community members commented how she overdid it.

“How terrible she seems now,” “Spoiled her face,” “Unhappy to have a look at her disfigured look,” many wrote.

Keep in mind when Arnold divorced our heroine final 12 months? It’s price noting that the divorce course of took the couple about ten years, even if that they had been married for 25 years and had 4 kids.

The process spiraled after the person disclosed to his spouse and their housekeeper that he had a son on the aspect. Shriver didn’t play the sufferer and filed for divorce immediately. By the best way, there’s only a week between the start of an illegitimate son and the start of the Schwarzenegger household’s fourth child.

What are your ideas on Mariah’s unhappy transformation?

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