«Not a illness, however a wierd behavior!»: Actress Goldberg opened up in regards to the absence of her eyebrows

67-year-old Whoopi Goldberg revealed the explanation why she doesn’t have eyebrows

W. Goldberg has all the time remained among the many most excellent and non-standard actresses primarily due to her eyebrows, or the absence of them. Many have been questioning why she doesn’t have eyebrows pondering that she has some illnesses.

«This isn’t a characteristic of my physique and never a illness. I simply have a behavior of fully plucking my eyebrows, and that is from childhood». Are you able to think about?

The entire thing is that when she was nonetheless a toddler, she had bumps in her eyebrows and her mom used to shave them off. Later, it turned some sort of behavior and she or he has constantly been doing that since then.

Quickly, the absence of eyebrows turned her calling card and she or he continued the identical manner. She as soon as paradoxically stated, «Some individuals don’t even discover that I don’t have eyebrows. For instance, my ex-husband».

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