«Mistaken for a beggar and kicked out!»: The scandalous look of Cage in leopard-printed pants and naked ft raised questions

Barefooted Cage was mistaken for a beggar and was kicked out of the restaurant

The current scandalous look of 57-year-old N. Cage in unusual leopard-printed trousers and with naked ft made a splash. The actor was instantly kicked out of the restaurant. This incident didn’t let anybody stay detached.

This has been mentioned for a very long time on the community. «What’s he doing along with his life?», «I can’t acknowledge Cage that I knew».

«How can one change past recognition?», «I want my eyes didn’t see all this!», «Cease it, please!».

«They had been proper. He truly seems to be like a typical beggar», «How may he let this occur?».

Did you acknowledge the actor and movie producer?

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