“The saddest husband”: The happy appearance of Ben Affleck next to his mom shocked his fans

Fans started wondering why he never smiles next to his wife

The unhappy and tired appearance of Ben Affleck next to his wife has recently become a mem on the Internet. Many people believed that it was his natural face expression. But ppaparazzi have recently noticed the man sincerely smiling and laughing while on a walk with his mother.

Afflec’s sad look next to Jennifer Lopez caused a stir on the net ans people started discussing their family condition. Some were sure that there have been several scandals and disagreements in the family.

Therefore, the actor’s happy and relaxed appearance next to his mother Christopher was a complete shock for everyone. Many of his fans also liked his trendy outfut.

Affleck acted like a gentleman and holded his mom’s bag for her. When the actor noticed the paparazzi around them, his smile got even brighter.

“So he also knows what a smile is! I am inshock!”, “Mood of the day – him”, “He is much happier next to his mother”, “Why doesn’t he ever smile when he’s with his wife?”.

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