“Straight from a fairy tale!”: A rare snow-white deer was noticed in the mountains of Norway

Meet this excellent creature of nature!

Mads Nordsveen is a wildlife photographer from Oslo, Noway. During one of his campings, the man came across a real treasure – a rare snow-white deer.

Fortunately, Nordsveen had his camera with him, as usual, and now we have the opportunity to see this natural wonder with our own eyes.

Meet this excellent creature of nature! The photographer says: “I was wandering the mountains in search of a content to shoot, when I came across this lovely creature”.

The deer was so white, it perfectly camouflaged with the surroundings. The man also mentioned, that the animal was not scared of him even a bit, and even posed in front of the camera.

“The deer got really close to me and we stared each other straight into the eyes!”.

After a while, the mother deer appeared. The fawn stayed with the man for a few more seconds then went ot his mom.

“This meeting was like a scene from a fairy tale”, says the photographer.

White northern deer have a rare mutation, sue to which they lose their pigmentation. This allows the animals to fully emrge witht snow.

Unlike ablinos, these deer still have pigmentation across their eyes and on their horns.

In the art of disguise they have no equals! Mads Nordsveen is not the only man to have ever met these rare creatures in their natural habitat.

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