“Reliable guard of watermelons”: Hilarious cat “scares everyone away” with his angry eyes (video)

This adorable cat became popular thanks to his “evil eyes”

Some animals are amazing employees and work without requiring any money for their services. All they need is a loving family and safe and warm place to sleep.

Today, we are going to represent to you a lovely Thai cat. He is named Perl and has recently become popular on the Internet thanks to his “evil look”. This look helps him guard the watermelons that his owner keeps in his basement.

One of the photos of this adorable cat very quickly went viral on the Internet and made him a world celebrity. In the photo he has his fluffy paw on the watermelon and looks at the camera with his famous “evil eyes”. The photo os really hilarious.

For 6 years, this cat has been working as a watermelon guard in his owner’s basement.

Sometimes he watches over the watermelons outside the house, and in such cases his owner gives him a chair to rest. The cat sits on the chair like a human being. Such a lovely sight!

It’s even scary to imagine what this cat can do with thieves. His eyes alone can scare everyone away from the juicy watermelons.

It’s interesting to know if the cat has the same attitude towards his owners as well, or not!

Watch the famous cat in the video below and share your thoughts in the comments!

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