“She never forgot her rescuers”: Kind people rescued a baby elephant. Years later she came back to thank them

Wild animals are much more pleasant than expected!

In 2006, specialists of the Kenya Wildlife Safety Center saved a sweet elephant. The little creature was named Loijuk. She was left alone in the wild and couldn’t survive. At first, while still in the herd, the little elephant suffered from thirst and hunger. She couldn’t even stand on her own. The center’s specialists did everything to help her.

When Loijuk got better, she returned to her family. The elephant never forgot about her rescuers and often visited them in the reserve.

At the age of 14, Loijuk again visited her rescuers, but this time she was not alone. She brought her daughter with her. The reserve employees named the baby Lily.

The mother elephant allowed the head caregiver of the center to stroke her cub and even breather in the trunk of Lily, so that she got familiar with his scnet.

The two elephants settled with the employees and started living in the reserve. The staff provides them with food and water, as well as love and care.

Wild animals are much more pleasant than we expect. It is our job to take care of them and protect them. It’s impossible to imagine life on the planet without them. They teach us to love, be kind and caring. We are natur, and they are nature too!

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