“The most caring dog”: Labrador adopted orphaned ducklings and started taking care of them

Love exists everywhere, even between two completely different species

Love knows no limits, no languages. Love is everywhere, even between two completely different species. In this story we are witnessing a case of true love between these lovely creatures.

This wonderful Labrador proves that love and compassion naturally exist in all creatures. He became famous on the Internet for adopting orphaned ducklings and taking care of them.

He raised these ducklings, taught them the basic needs for survival.

And this year, he repeated the same kind act and adopted 6 more ducklings. Initially, there were 14 ducklings, but their mother just abandoned these 6.

11-year-old Labrador named Fred once more captured the attention of the Internet users, although they still hadn’t forgotten his great deed a year before.

Fred is a responsible parent and makes sure his ducklings are fine. And the little chicks have already learned to climb on the back of their caregiver.

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