“It was so sweet!”: Shelter dog attracted everyone with her sweet smile and found owners

How adorable it is when animals actually show their emotions!

Laila was only two weeks old when she ended up in an animal shelter. At first, the puppy was confused and scared of everyone. But over time she got used to her new surroundings.

Soon one of the shelter employees named Rachel Barron, visited Laila and started talking to her. After a while she noticed that the puppy was smiling at her with her sweet smile.

“When I began talking to her, Laila first started wagging her tail and smiled. I immediately took out my phone and took a picture of her adorable smile. It was so sweet, I could not help sharing the photo with everyone”, says Rachel.

Laila captured the hearts of the Internet users around the world. Shortly after the photos appeared on the Internet, a family visited the shelter to adopt Laila.

Nicole Tony and her husband already had 3 other dogs when they decided to adopt Laila. They knew Laila was going to be an important addition to their big happy family.

“At first she was very shy. Then she made friends with the other pets and turned into a sweet and charming puppy”, said Nicole.

Now Laila is happy in Tony’s family. She enjoys playing and running with the other dogs. Laila is especially close with a dog named Lady, who has just recently become a mom.

She accepts Lady’s puppies as her own. Nicole also mentioned that Laila loves her owners and sometimes falls asleep hugging them.

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