“First public appearance after the scandal”: Jennifer Aniston’s look at the film premiere deserves a special attention

The actress ended up in an awkward situation before the event

The stunning look of the Friends star got into the spotlight on the res carpet. Jennifer Aniston attended the premiere of the film Murder Mystery 2.

The beautiful appearance of the talented actress in an elegant beige dress caught everyone’s attention. Her light makeup and loose hair perfectly complemented her look.

What concern to her co-star Adam Sandler, he was wearing a blue suit with a tie. It’s worth noting that the actress ended up in an awkward situation during the TV program This Morning, where she used a bad language describing a scenario.

“You will *beep* it!”, exclaimed Jennifer. In response, the TV presenter mentioned: “We are live! But everything is ok. Don’t worry!”

Adam, in his turn, kindly supported his co-star.

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