“This family will make your day!”: These spouses have 20 children and live in a huge house

Initially they wanted 3 children, but then realized that a big family is better!

This couple became popular on the Internet for having a huge family. The spouses have 20 children! At theage of 42, Sue Radford had her last child. Luckily, he was born healthy!

Sue and her 46-year-old Husband Noel are incredibly happy to have such wonderful children. Although having so many children is a real pleasure, they don’t plan to have any more.

Their eldest son is 28 years old, and the youngest one is only 12 months old. Apart from the children, the spouses also have 3 grandchildren and are happy grandparents.

Sue was very young when she first got pregnant, but she was not afraid to start a family. At first, they planned to have only 3 children, but then realized, that a huge family is better.

The family lives in a big house with 10 bedrooms. They have a comfortable minibus and are happy together.

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