“The senior cat did the unexpected!”: Young woman found a lonely newborn kitten and brought it home to her other cat

The owner was afraid her senior cat would not accept the new pet

Rose found a homeless kitten on the street in Fall and decided to take it home. The kitten was in a miserable condition, but the veterinarians did everything possible to help the kitten survive.

Opie soon got well and found a new home for himself.

Rose was only afraid of one thing – how would her senior cat Andy accept the new pet?

By the way, Andy himself was rescued from terrible conditions several years ago. You would expect anything from an adult cat, but Andy did the unexpectable!

Hearing the cry of little Opie, Andy got closer to him.

The cat hugged the kitten with his paws as if trying to calm him down and saying: “Don’t be afraid, now you are safe, you will stay with us!”. It was obvious, that their friendship was going to last forever.

Now Rosie has two “troubles”, but they are both adorable troubles. The two cats like to climb on the chest of their owner and fall asleep there.

Rose, Andy and Opie are still together and are very happy!

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