“Dogs made them happier”: Family adopted 15 dogs and they saved the spouses in their tough times

They managed to help the pets and surround them with love and care

The loss of the beloved pet is one of the most painful and heartbreaking experiences in the world. 10 years ago, this family was having a rest in Thailand. It was then when they found ot their dog had passed away, while they were away from home.

The spouses were heartbroken, as they couldn’t even say their last goodbye to their dog. As a result, they were not mentally ready to adopt a new pet. However, over time their emotions cooled down and Mantas and Race finally decided to get a new pet.

After a while, the spouses visited a shelter to choose a dog. On their way to the shelter, they came across a group of stray dogs. At that moment they made up their minds. They took one of the dogs and flew back to Thailand. Later, they took some more dogs from the streets. They all needed special care.

Currently, the spouses already have 15 dogs. They managed to help them all and surround them with love and care.

True love never fades away. It blooms and creates new life. The love of the animals made the couple even kinder. Now they cannot imagine their life without their beloved four-legged friends.

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