“These animals will never leave you bored!”: What are opossums and is it worth keeping them as pets?

Check out the photos of these tiny cute opossums!

Do you see any emotions in the eyes of this little creature?

He is probably excited and only needs one thing. Maybe the little animal has recently discovered his ability to express his emotions.

Whatever it is, he looks just charming! Although they are tiny, these aniamls have big hearts filled with endless love.

It feels like they are saying “Love Me!” with their eyes. Opossums are very loving, bright, sweet and cute animals. More over, theya re great actors: when scared, these animals pretend to be dead to avoid getting eaten.

If you ever come across a tiny opossum all alone, do not try to pick it up. You had better follow it for a while. Usually, little opossums appear to be orphaned, meanwhile in reality their mothers might be hunting somewhere near.

Mother opossum communicates with its child through sounds, that sound more like a human sneezing.

Have you ever encountered these animals in real life? Do you want one? These animals will never leave you bored!

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