“As big as a tablespoon”: Little kitten was born on the street and left all alone to survive

This kitten is the embodiment of courage and the feline will-power

This kitten was born on the street, which resulted in his poor health. Little Francis, the kitten, was as big as a tablespoon. He has faced lots of ups and downs throughout his life.

Since the very beginning of his life, this kitten has had little chance of life.

A doctor found the kitten and she had to take him home, where he could get some help. The lady already had another cat at home. The elderly cat started teaching Francis the basics of being a pet.

Francis turned out to be a very pleasant kitten.

The kitten received many things that he used to be deprived of. Despite his unhappy past, Francis was very active and playful. The doctor started taking Francis to work carrying him in her pocket. Thanks to the love and affection, Francis very soon started to get better.

The kitten even managed to gain a little weight and got bigger. However, it is still unlikely that the kitten will grow any bigger. He will most probably stay a mini-cat in his whole life.

This kitten is the embodiment of courage and the feline will-power. Despite all the difficulties, he managed to survive all alone!

Luckily, now he is in safe hands and is going to spend the rest of his life surrounded with love and care.

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