“The result of a genetic mutation”: This cat was born with 2 pairs of ears and became famous for this feature

His owners adopted him mostly thanks to his unique appearance

This unusual kitten was born 13 years ago. He was named Yoda and was born with 4 ears. In 2008, a couple from Chicago adopted the cat. The owners immediately fell in love with the cute ears of the kitten. Yoda was born in a bar, and the bar owner used to sell the kittens to his guests.

Among all the kittens, Yoda was unique and caught everyone’s attention. Everyone wanted to see the cat in person. His future owners decided to adopt the kitten mostly thanks to his unique appearance.

“We named him Yoda, because he reminded us of the character from Star Wars“, said Ted, the cat’s owner. He also explained that the excess amount of ears are the results of a genetic mutation.

“Yoda is an active and cheerful cat. The second pair of ears does not change anything, he hears normally”, mentioned the owners. They also added that the cat is obsessed with bread! “Yoda just loves bread!”.

The little kitten has already grown uo and became a wonderful domestic cat. The owners love him a lot and always try to make him happy. They are also afraid that some people might try to steal their happiness from them. They met all the requirements of domestic pets, have put a microchip and can track him wherever he goes.

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