“You are true heroes and what you do is priceless! “: Cat with no ears found a loving owner who makes him happy

It’s nice when people choose their pets not based on their appearance

All animals need human love and care. And the animals with health issues are the most devoted and most grateful of them all. They get really attached to their owners and greatly depend on them, and the owners, in their turn, should love them with all their heart.

Before appearing in the shelter, this cat used to live on the streets of one of the bog cities of China.

The shelter volunteers admitted, thay they had met the cat around two years before her visited the shelter. The kitten was in a horrible condition.

Apart from fleas and other parasites, the cat had problems with ears – a benign tumor that had no cure.

In order not to torture the cat with several surgeries, the shelter staff and vets decided to amputate his ears. As a result, the kitten’s health condition eventually got better.

Soon the cat was adopted. The man named him Potato. In addition to Potato, the owner also had another cat named Horlick.

The cat was adopted on April 25, and his owner decided to make this day his birthday.

We are once again grateful to the people who do not choose their pets only based on their appearance. They choose to love their character, take car of them and make them happy. You are true heroes and what you do is priceless!

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