“Timeless beauty!”: 69-year-old Christie Brinkley stunned the public with her swimsuit look

“Joy is good for your health, your heart and your soul, so create it!”

People are still trying to figure out how Christie Brinkley has managed to keep her young and beautiful appearance. The American model used to be the face of different swimwear and beauty brands in the 80s. And even now she looks much younger for a woman almost in her 70s.

The 69-year-old model has recently shared some of her photos from a vacation. Her recent photos caused a huge stir online. Christie was wearing a blue bikini from the 80s.

Even her fans and followers are jealous of her slim figure. The swimsuit emphasized the perfect figure of the model, and the lack of makeup emphasized her natural beauty.

Christie changed her swimsuit to purple and wore a seaside shirt in the second photo.

“Joy is good for your health, your heart and your soul, so create it!”, captioned the model her post.

When we compare Christie’s photos from her youth and now, we can see that the shape of her lips and her cheeks haven’t changed much. Such results are hard to achieve without some help.

The model, however, has inherited her natural beauty, including her thick and luxurious hair, clean skin and her beautifully-shaped face. But without regular visits to surgeons and constant self-care, everything would’ve been different.

Brinkley deserves a credit for not taking plastic procedures too far. She knows her limits and undergoes procedures only to preserve her features, not change them.

She also takes care of her health doing yoga at least 5 times a week. Don’t forget about morning runs.

“I try to do around 100 pushups every day”, says the model. “Usually I do 30 pushups before taking a shower, the rest I do throughout the day”.

Brinkley also shared that her main beauty secret is her healthy diet and daily workouts. Add more smile, because it visually tightens your face and produces more endorphins.

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