“Real beauty and no vulgarity”: 56-year-old Halle Berry shared bathroom photos

“Hump day self love”

The star of the film Kidnap has preserved her youthful appearance and even her younger fans are jealous of her body. The Oscar-winning actress constantly works out and takes care of her of herself.

Halle decided to take some bathroom shots and share them with her fans.

The fogged-up mirror gave a cool effect to the shots, but the main beauty was the athletic appearance of the actress.

“Hump day self love”, captioned Halle .

The fans of the actress admired not only her appearance, but also her bold character.

“So gorgeous, so mesmerizing, and no vulgarity!”, “What atmospheric photos!”, “Halle, you are simply stunning!”, wrote the followers.

Halle Berry doesn’t like getting undressed in front of cameras. Only once she agreed on this fro 10 seconds and received $500,000 for that.

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