“Growing up too early!”: Milla Jovovich shared photos of her daughter who looks just like her!

She is going to surpass her mother one day!

Ukrainian actress Milla Jovovich is already 47 years old. She has recently shared some photos of her eldest daughter.

It’s woth mentioning, that the 15-year-old girl has decided to follow in the footsteps of her mother and has already appeared in several films. I think everyone would agree, that the girl looks just like her famous mother.

“WOW! They are completely the same!”, “She is so adorable!”, “Looks just like her mom!”.

“I can’t believe my eyes!”, “Is that really her daughter? Maybe these are just Milla’s childhood photos!?”, “The resemblance is scary!”.

“What a lovely lady”, “She is going to become much more famous than her mom”, “Mom’s genes have done their job perfectly”, wrote the stunned fans of the actress.

Do you also think Ever looks like her mom? Will she surpass Milla both in beauty and fame?

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