“I just love men with beard!”: Charlize Theron talked about her opinion on relationships and men in general

The actress is now actively looking for a worthy man to be by her side

The 47-year-old Oscar-winner actress Charlize Theron attended the Indian Wells Masters in California. Charlize watched as Spanish Carlos Alcaraz defeated Italian champion Jannick Sinner in two units. 

The actress was accompanied by her “friend”. She was wearing a plane white T-shirt and black glasses. The “bearded man” was wearing a plaid shirt.

Tennis is a passion for the blonde actress. She has mentioned several times that she enjoys sports, but doesn’t do one herself. As for men, Charlize has noted that she loves men with beard, and they have more chances to attract and win her heart.

“I would like to spent an amazing time, but that depends on the man I am with. I want him to have a very good beard naturally”.

It is also known that the actress is now actively looking for a worthy man to be by her side. “I am starting to open up emotionally and, perhaps, I will find the love of my life!”.

Charlize Theron was previously in a relationship with Irish actor Stuart Townsend, from 2001-2010. Then, from 2013-2015, she dated Sean Penn. In 2020, Charlize announced that she was not ready to live with her partner. 

“I’m not sure if I will ever be ready to get into a relationship with anybody ever again. Honestly, they would need to buy a separate house next to mine. I don’t know if I can handle living together. I am too old for that”, noted the actress.

Charlize also admitted that she was feeling lonely. She is not excited about relationships, and doesn’t make a great deal over men. “I like being called out on dates. I think that’s what everyone wants. I also like texting, but I am not sure about taking things too far, as to live together. I don’t know what will happen”, added the actress.

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