“Bloated and unkempt”: Mr. Big from the famous series is unrecognizable in new paparazzi photos

His reputation was damaged greatly following a scandal several years ago

Chris Noth is a world famous Hollywood actor who has recently vanished from the public view. His reputation lowered greatly following a scandal several years ago. Two women accused him of rape attempts. Moreover, it is also said the actor beat up  amodel in the 90s. The accusations have been refuted by the actor, noting that those were false accusations. Since then, however, Noth has stopped appearing in public events.

Chris was not even casted in the sequel of the cult series Sex and the City, where he played the role of Mr. Big.

The directors chose to “kill” the character with a heart attack.

Since then, the actor has hardly ever been noticed outside by the paparazzi, and it became quite hard to recognize him. The recent photos have shown that nothing has remained from the once attractive and handsome man. Chris has changed dramatically, aged, gained weight, and wanders the streets in filthy and sweaty clothes.

He’s now 68 years old, and he seems to have forgotten all about self-care over time.

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