“Stylists are horrified”: Actress Keira Knightley went on a walk with “furry” legs

The actress likes to show up in public looking strange

Keira KNightley has recently changed her style which made her more popular among young people. In general, she is an attractive and talented woman.

She is also famous for her distinctive ability to quickly change her look. She is an urban young gal during the day, and an elegant and stunning woman in the evening on the red carpet. It is not surprising that Chanel chose her as an ambassador of their brand and she became a muse to late Karl Legerfeld. Keira has a distinctive and rich sense of style and many people get inspired by her looks.

However, her outfits are not always perfect. Recently, the Hollywood star was spotted on a walk in the city wearing a grey sweatshirt and an unconventional maxi skirt covered with feathers. She paired her outfit with black heeled pumps. The skirt did not look really good, and it looked like a part of her own legs. No wonder that her fans immediately started criticizing her unusual outfit.

Many people expressed their disapproval on her look. “Nothing matches!”, “The skirt is horrible and makes her legs look shorter”, “Why pair the sweatshirt with that skirt?”, “This outfit must be illegal!”.

Followers also noticed some changes in her appearance. The 170cm-tall actress weighs 50kg. Her cheeks are sunken, breasts have disappeared, and her ribs are noticeable. Fans got worried about her health and started spreading rumors about Keira fighting anorexia.

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