“Strong single mom”: How the woman with 6 children lives now

Her husband very soon gave up and left the family

Oksana Kobeletskaya is an Instagram mother with many kids. Oksana dreamed of giving her older daughter a younger brother, but she was shocked to find she was expecting 5 children at once.

Oksana’s husband turned out to be a very caring husband and father. Even the newspapers started writing about this family.


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Very soon, Oksana’s husband got tired of so much responsibility and left Oksana alone with the children. Currently, the single mom raises her children alone, sharing her motherhood experiences with her Instagram followers. The woman confessed that the blog saved her from depression.

“So cool!”, Good luck to you and your family!”, “Hold in there dear!”, write Oksana’s followers.

What do you think about this family?

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