“Wandering the streets naked”: Actress Amanda Bynes was put on a psychiatric hold after a public breakdown

Mental helath issues have been torturing the actress for a long time

After taking part in a crazy pranks, actress Amanda Bynes was put on a psychiatric hold. Teh actress appeared on the streets of Los Angeles completely naked.

The star of the film What a Girl Wants and She’s The Man has long fought mental health problems. She suffered from addiction. Last weekend, the actress was spotted on the streets of LA completely naked. She then tried to seek help from the police and called 911, informing them that she was suffering a mental break. Later she was taken to a mental hospital.

The hospital is in California and it is said to isolate patients for 72 hours, even against their will. If the patient needs more time to be isolated, then the period is prolonged. According to the Daily Mail, Amanda did not resist the police officers and the medical staff. Currently the actress is under the care of specialists.

All these mental helath issues have been completely torturing Amanda Bynes for a long time. The actress avoids social life and is said to suffer from anxiety.

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