“He is pure love and I will be loving him always!”: Emma Heming Willis’s emotional birthday congratulation

“Every single day I am in grief. And it grows stronger every year on his birthday”

Actor Bruce Willis celebrated his 68the birthday on March 19. Teha ctor is suffering from frontotemporal dementia. Throughout this troublesome period of his life, Bruce is surrounded with his family and closest friends. His wife Emma does her best to make her husband happy. But sometimes she is also unable to hold her emotions under control. 

“It’s my husband’s birthday today and I started my morning crying, as you can see from my puffy eyes. I just wanted you to see both sides of this. I always come across people and fans saying, ‘Oh you are so strong, I don’t know how you can do that!’. But I have no other choice. I would love to have one. But I am also raising two children in this”, mentioned Emma.

The model also said that sometimes she finds it really tough to deal with the situation. Despite all the difficulties, the woman is loyal to ehr husband and loves him.

“I get disappointed sometimes. Every single day I am in grief. And it grows stronger every year on his birthday”.

Emma posted an emotional video to congratulate Bruce on his borthday. The wife of the legendary actor used some bright photos and memories in the video. Emma also expressed her gratitude to Bruce’s fans for their support and love.

“I have spent long hours making this video for my husband. I don’t even know why I’m doing this, because it feels like a kind of a knife into my heart. But I’m doing this for all of you and for me. Because I know how much you love my husband, and it surely means a lot to me. Thank you!”

Demi Moore also posted a video where she and her daughters together with Emma and their children congratulate him. Everybody in the family sang a cheerful song and brought a borthday cake for the actor. Demi noted she was happy to share the birthday with Bruce and his family.

“Happy Birthday, Bruce Willis! Love you and love your family. Thank you all for the love and warmth”, added Demi.

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