“He is twice as tall as their son”: 32-inch-tall woman revealed the identity of her husband

“Everyone stares at us when we are out on a walk”

Amanda is barely 32 inches tall. “I used to be really scared because I couldn’t find a man”, the woman said to the reporters. Amanda and her 73-inch boyfirend have been living together since 2009. They have a 6-year-old son.

“Everyone stares at us when we are out on a walk. But we try to find those who look at us with loving and kind eyes”, shared Amanda.

Not so long ago, Amanda posted some photos from their wedding ceremony.

People’s opinions were different: “What’s wrong with the man?”

“Why would he go for this?”, “Is she rich or what?”, “I don’t understand such kind of love”.

“Much luck and happiness to you guys!”, “Such a lovely couple!”.

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