“They will soon surpass their father!”: The sons of actor Brendan Fraser and what they do

Only his eldest son was missing at the Oscars

After his success in the film The Mummy, Brendan Fraser became one of the hottest actors in Hollywood.

Thousands of women all over the world were in love with the tall and handsome brunette. At the same time Brendan’s career was thriving and the actor was reaching great heaights. Fraser was actively filming in several projects at the same time.

His private life, on the other hand, was quiet during the 90s. Brendan was in love with his wife Afton Smith. They raised 3 children together – Griffin, Holden and Leland. They are all adults now. The actor had a happy family life until his wife filed for divorce.

This broke the actor’s heart so much that after the divorce Fraser quit taking care of himself. He also stopped filming in movies and making public appearances.

Fraser returned on the screens last year when he was offered to play the main role in The Whale. The actor happily agreed, and he even won an Academy Award for the Best Actor in 2023.

During the event Brendan was accompanied by two of his sons – Leland and Holden. They appeared next to their fatehr wearing black leather and velvet suits. Many people pointed that the boys looked like models. They have taken part in many photoshoots for fmaous brands and fashion houses.

However, none of them particularly looks like their fatehr. Leland and Holden have different hair colors, to begin with. And if you looka t them standing next to each other you will hardly find any similarities.

And where is his eldest son? The man has mentioned several times that he does not like crowds and avoids public events at all costs. There are hardly any photos of the man on the Internet. Meanwhile the Internet is filled with the photos of Leland and Holden.

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