“Married for 25 years”: What Arnold Schwarzeneggers ex-wife looks like and what she does now

Her parents wanted their daughter to develop interest in politics

Being the wife of the Terminator is not the only thing that makes Maria Shriver famous. However, this “title” still brought her the most fame. Just by looking at her photos you can guess that the woman comes from an honourable family. She inherited her sweetness and attractiveness from her parents.

Maria was born in 1955. The woman descends from the Kennedy family, being the niece of the 35th president of the USA.

Her parents made sure to provide the girl with a proper education when she was still a child. They wanted their daughter to develop interest in politics, because that’s what members of a noble and famous dynasty should do.

Shriver, however, chose the career of a journalist. She was really successful in this sphere. This career made it easier for ehr to meet Arnold. Their romance lasted for 9 years, which cannot be said about their marriage. The reason of their divorce is still unclear – either the woman couldn’t get along with the actor herself, or her family pressured her. The couple, however, got married in 1986.

Schwarzenegger was already famous at that time. Maria herself achieved great heights at NBC. They have 2 daughters and 2 sons together.

Shriver is said to be a wonderful wife. And when Arnold became the Governor of California, he proudly presented Maria as the First Lady of California. Maria was the only one who could affect the political views of her husband. She is a great public speaker who can as well be tenacious and relentless.

In 2011, Maria gave up her title of the First Lady. She announced that she no longer wanted to be with Schwarzenegger. And what was the reason of her such an unexpected decision after 25 years of marriage? The most famous reason is that Schwarzenegger was caught having an affair with their housekeeper, who later gave birth to a baby from the man.

Maria was shocked and could not accept the betrayal of her husband, although Arnold publicly begged her forgiveness for what he had done.

It is still unkown, whether their divorce has been finalized or is still ongoing. But the ex-spouses are said to live separately and communicate only on holidays.

Schriver is really successful in public and keeps in touch with Arnold. The actor, on the other hand, seeks refuge in different females after their divorce.

Maria’s private life after the divorce was a secret. However, recently some rumors have spread about the woman dating Matthew Dowd.

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