“Lost both of her sons”: 83-year-old singer Tina Turner and her tragic life

Only she knows how much she has suffered!

Swiss singer Tina Turner gives the impression of a feracious woman. She seems to always be full of energy and positivity. The reality, however, is quite tragic. The actress has faced terrible losses and only she herself knows how much she has suffered.

The fans of the actress were shocked to learn that the youngest son of the singer – Ronnie Turner – passed away at 62.

ALthough the main reason of his death is not clear, it is known that the man was suffering from cancer. Turner shared a heartbreaking post on her social accounts, saying her last goodbye to her beloved son.

This is not the singer’s only tragedy. 5 years ago, Turner lost her eldest son – Raymond Craig. The singer had no more children of her own.

Several years ago the singer adopted to of her husband’s children from his ex-wife. This, however, didn’t help the spouses to stay together, mostly because of the frequent infidelity of her husband.

Despite the trgedies, 83-year-old Tina Turner still looks amazing and stays optimistic. She loves life and will never give up.

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