“Passionate Tango”: Bellucci in a dancing show with a professional dancer

Fans started suspecting that she is in a relationship with the young dancer

Monica Anna Maria Bellucci became famous in the whole world thanks to her incredible beauty, sharp mind and acting talent. She was especially popular among her male audience.

Years pass, but Monica refuses to give up her career. The actress remains in the ranks of the best actresses of all time.

Although the actress is almost in her 60s, she is still beautiful and can boast her youthful appearance. She just wants to prove that she is never never going to quit so soon.

The legendary woman was invited to the show Dancing With the Stars, Italy, where she amazed both the judges and the audience. Monica is a real symbol of femininity and attractiveness in her country.


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Bellucci danced with a professional dancer and proved that she is just as great as her dance partner. After watching the “passionate” performance, the fans of the actress even started suspecting that Monica is in a relationship with the young dancer. However, these are just rumors.

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