“What a wonderful family”: The wife of “Game Of Thrones” star Peter Dinklage

They both hid their true feelings for a long time

The famous actor from the HBO series “Game of Thrones” has recently turned 52 years old. The actor is unique and well-known not only for his great talent and success, but also thanks to his unusual appearance. The man is 4 ft 5 in tall, and his fans are eager to know who his wife is and what she looks like.

The actor married theatrical actor and writer Erica Schmidt in 2005. The woman is currently 47 years old. The couple first met each other at the theater and instantly fell in love, but didn’t confess their feelings. Their relationship began from friendship, even though their friends and family knew that it was more than just friendship. Soon they realized they were just wasting their time and decided to legalize their relationship.

The couple have been married for 8 years already and have a wonderful family together. Theya re certainly one of the strongest Hollywood couples.

It’s wonderful to see how they managed to find happiness and comfort, despite their height difference. The spouses have a huge army of fans who adore and always support them.

They have two adorable children and raise them together. The son looks more like his mother, but they hope he has inherited the talent of his father.

What do you think about this couple and their family? Have you watched Game of Thrones? Do you like the character played by Peter?

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