“From grey mouse to fashion icon”: How Princess Diana influenced the modern fashion world

She became a fashion icon soon after her marriage to the British Prince

Princess Diana was definitely one of the most beloved royals in the whole world, and people are highly interested in her life to this day. It is interesting to see how she grew from a shy lady to a literal icon of elegance and femininity.

Her style was not so impressive at first. She used to dress in plain and monotonous colors, like all the other royals in London.

Her marriage with the British prince taught her to be more careful in her choice of clothes. Soon she became a real fashion icon.

Her clothing pieces are currently displayed in the best museums and are sold for exorbitant costs.

Lady D was already shaping fashion standards and inflicting a vogue revolution in the 80s and 90s, when the term “influencer” was not even in our lexicon and the Jenner sisters were barely running under the desk.

And here are some of her most remarkable outfits that were far ahead of her times.

Leopard print was perceived differently in different aspects, although most often it was considered tasteless. However, the pattern is coming back now and many stylists are reintroducing it.

Meanwhile Diana was already sporting a “predator” swimsuit, although it was considered ill-mannered back then.

Most people probably do not know that the members of the Royal Family wear balck only in mourning, and never in public. Princess Diana was the first royalty to wear black at celebrations.

Some say she appreciated to decorate in tuxedo-like outfit.

Diana’s look attracted a lot of attention on the time because she opposed each royal protocol: above-knee size, daring necklines, high heels, and attention-grabbing jewels.

The enduring lady’s defining type consists of light-weight materials, loose-fitting cuts, and a brilliant colour palette.

Cropped leggings are not stunning, but it surely was the princess who demonstrated the bicycle outdoors the fitness center.

Oversized clothes are now in trend. Lady D was already sporting oversized coats, jackets, and saggy denims in the 90s. Stylists all over the world were perplexed.

She was the first nobelty to put on slacks to a proper evening gathering. And, whereas we don’t see anyhting distinctive about it now, it was bold to break an unbreakable norm back then.

Pictures from 25 to 30 years ago seem to be from yesterday. Everything she wore is now fashionable.

What do you think about her style?

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