“Dazzling smile and charming appearance”: Keira Knightley appeared at a film premiere in a lovely outfit

Her recent film is based on a true story

37-year-old Hollywood actress Keira Knightley attended the premiere of Boston Strangler at New York Metropolitan Museum of Art. Keira plays one of the main characters in the film. The actress chose an attractive goth outfit for the event.

Keira Knightley was wearing a robe with a puffed skirt, lace corset with volumnious sleeves. The outfit emphasized the slim figure of the mother of two. The star of the Pirates of the Caribbean accomplished her look with rhinestone-decorated sandals. Keira complemented her look with a gold necklace to give some more glitz to the outfit.

The wife of musician James Ryton looked really happy and kept smiling brightly to the photographers. Keira was literally shining on the red carpet. The actress was actively chatting with her co-star Carrie Coon during the whole event.

The appearanc eof the actress sparked a heated discussion on the Internet. Her fans rushed to leave their thoughts on the actress and her outfit: “Keira is stunning!”, “She hasn’t changed much since she was 22”, “Nothing plastic…just pure beauty!”.

Her recent film Boston Strangler is based on real events. The plot is about a lunatic and a rapist who acted in Massachusetts from 1962 to 1964. Albert DeSalvo was accused of the deaths of 11 women. He passed away in prison.

Actress Keira Knightley hadn’t been seen in public or at social events im the past 5 months. She was last seen in public together with her husband at Met Gala in London.

Recently, the actress has confessed that she felt embarrased with her fame as a Hollywood sex symbol. She became especially famous after the release of Pirates of the Caribbean. It took her many years to get rid of her such reputation.

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