“Unusual and Outstanding!”: 2023 Oscars will be remembered for the most eccentric outfits

These celebrities exceeded all expectations of their fans

Thousnads of people had been eagerly waiting for the 2023 Oscar Awards ceremony. Many iconic and legendary artists left the event with the coveted statuette. There were also people who attended the event just to see the outfits of the stars. Honestly, they all exceeded the expectations of fans and even the photojournalists. There were outfits that shocked even the fashion influencers.

Here are some of the most discussed 2023 Oscars red carpet outfits!


Halle Berry

Ashley Graham

Elizabeth Olsen

Winnie Harlow

Harvey Guillen

Nicole Kidman

Angela Bassett

Salma Hayek

Lady Gaga

Cara Delevingne

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