“Showed off her own taste in fashion”: Paris Hilton appeared at Versace fashion show with her mother an younger sister

The family organized their own fashion show on the red carpet

As the famous blonde actress Paris Hilton has recently become a mother, she is rarely seen in the public. This time, Paris deicded to make an exception. She appeared on the red carpet of the fashion show wearing an eye-catching outfit.

The actress wore a glowing silver mini dress. SHe complemented the outfit with matching gloves, which made her appearance ven more spectacular.

Her 63-year-old mother Kathy and 39-year-old sister Nicky accompanied her to the event. Nicky was wearing a classy elegant black dress and pink high-heeled shoes. The mother was also dressed in black and also looked elegant.

People immediately started discussing the appearance of the three women. “They organized their own fashion show right there!”, “They all look trendy and spectacular”, “Motherhood has pleasantly changed Paris, bravo!”, wrote fans online.

Paris Hilton and her husband Carter Reumbecame parents via a surrogate mother. Now they have a newborn sun and they do not try to hind the baby from the public.

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