“One meeting changed everything”: The tragic fate of Hollywood’s most beautiful actress Gene Tierney

The actress with a stunning appearance and a tragic life

Gene Tierney was considered the most beautiful actress of the Hollywood Golden Era. She conquered the worl with her beauty and talent. The actress appeared in several well-known films. Millions of people admired her unique beauty. At the same time, Gene managed to achieve great height both in her career and personal life. The actress was happily married and was preparing to becoem a mother.

Gene Tierney was actively engaged in charity actions on the time. During World War Two, the actress met the soldiers, honorable troops fighting for peace. Gene didn’t spare herself, working tirelessly. The actress visited the sick and wounded.

An done day the pregnant actress returned home with a high fever. Doctors diagnosed her with rubella, an infectious disease. Gene followed the doctors’ advice and very soon returned to her regular life. However, the disease still had impact on the little girl – she was born blind, deaf and developmental delays. 

Gene Tierney got depressed and blamed herself. The actress started to have mental health problems. Her husband left the fmaily.

The actress tried to find peace and comfort in her career, but everything just got worse. Tierney was soon taken to hospital, but nothing seemed to work for her. She was completely overtaken by depression and grief. Gene withdrew her career, her goals and dreams, and became a hermit.

The actress married for the second time to an oil millionaire, when she was already near her last days. The man did his best to make his wife much happier. The spouses lived together until 1981, when the man passed away. Grief returned to ha actress, and she once again became a hermit. The actress lived up to 1991 and passed away at the age of 70.

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