“We are going to be parents!”: Lindsay Lohan and her husband announced her pregnancy

She will be a wonderful mother!

The American actress has revealed that there are going to be important changes in her family. Lindsay Lohan and her husband Bader Shammas are preparing to become parents.

The couple lives in Dubai, but the actress travels to the USA for work. 

Lindsay sparked the curiosity of her followers by posting on social media a baby jumpsuit with the phrase “Coming Soon” printed on it. Lohan then revealed pregnancy to the media.

“We’re delighted with the arrival of our new household. We’re immensely enthusiastic about this blessing in our lives and can’t wait to become parents,” she says.

Lindsay Lohan’s pregnancy rumors spread on the Internet last month when the actress attended certainly one of her exhibits throughout New York Fashion Week. The actress appeared in public in an oversize jumpsuit to hide her altering figure.

Lindsay’s father is eagerly waiting for the arrival of his first grandchild. Michael Lohan has revealed that he has long dreamed of his star daughter turning into a mom. She has waited a very long time, however everything has its time.

She will probably be a beautiful mother. This will probably be a new chapter in her life.

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