“I’m going to have more babies”: Woman who has given birth to 21 children, showed her whole family

Motherhood is a tough experience!

Can you imagine having given birth to 21 children by the age of 44? Well, Leonora can, moreover, she is the woman who has actully given birth to 21 children by the time she was 44. Recently, she has showed her whole fmaily to journalists, mentioning that she is ready to have another baby too.

“My husband and I are religious Christians. SO, if God gifts us one more baby, I will be happy to keep it”, said the woman.

“Motherhood is a tough experience. Are you sure you can provide all of them with a happy future?”, “You ms have been pregnant all your life!”, “Poor thing! They must love  and respect you a lot!”.

“You’ve let your self go. She looks 60”, “Why would you want to torture yourself like that?”, write starngers online.

Share your opinions in the comments. Would you like to have a family this big?

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