“How is their child?”: This girl decided to marry the love of her live, despite everyone’s advice

They married despite all the criticism

Here is a story about a young lady named Anna who couldn’t find happiness until she met her love of life.

Anna met her future husband on the Internet. They texted each other for a while, until the man, whose name is Gregory, decided to finally send Anna one of his photos. Gregory was sure Anna would stop texting him after seeing his photo, because he was disabled.

However, Anna didn’t care about the man’s physical condition. She was already in love with his soul. Anna was even ready to travel thousands of kilometers to meet Gregory. Anna’s family and friends were against their union, but this also didn’t stop the girl.

Despite all the criticism directed to them, the couple got married. Now they have a son and are raising him together. It’s worth mentioning that the boy was born completely healthy.

What this woman achieved is admirable! Do you agree?

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