“She has ruined herself”: 69-year-old actress Kim Besinger appeared in public after plastic surgery

There were mixed reactions from her fans

Kim Basinger, the American actress, model and singer, celebrated her 69th birthday on December 8. Evidently she followed in the footsteps of her Hollywood friends by changing her appearance in search of everlasting youth. Nonetheless, this precipitated her to lose her former attractiveness, leading to mixed reactions from her followers all over the world.

Many peoplle found it tough to recognize Basinger in her new photos. Some followers expressed their disappointment, commenting that she was one of the lovely girls of the 90s and questioning why she opted for plastic surgery. Different people asked why she felt the need to change her face, whereas others wondered why women in general undergo plastic surgeries.

Comments from her followers reflect a normal concern over the usage of plastic surgery to improve her look. Whereas some see it as a method to obtain the specified look, others see it as a pointless threat that may result in the lack of one’s natural beauty. Generally, the topic of plastic surgery stays controversial, with differing opinions about its pros and cons.

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