‘My heart is touched’: John Travolta cried at the Oscars remembering Olivia Newton-John

The actor has gone through a lot of pain in the recent years

John Travolta paid tribute to his friend and Grease co-star Olivia Newton-John during the In Memoriam phase on the Oscars, bringing him to tears. After paying tribute to a few of Hollywood’s greatest stars who died last year, the father-of-three requested the general public and viewers to remember his colleagues in the show business who are now not with us. He pointed to the Newton-John songs from 1978 and stated they touched our hearts, made us smile and have become good associates.

Travolta completed his speech, then welcomed Lenny Kravitz on stage to carry out the 2004 composition Calling All Angels on piano for a tribute video devoted to artists, together with Ray Liotta, Angelo Badalamenti, Jean-Luc Godard, Irene Cara, Julia Reichert, Burt Bacharach, Angela Lansbury, Mary Alice, James Caan and Raquel Welch.

John’s followers praised him for his openness and sincerity, and provided their help, mentioning that he was in a position to overcome this phase of this system despite his personal grief. Not so long ago, Travolta lost his wife Kelly Preston to breast cancer in 2020, his longtime girlfriend Kirstie Alley to colon cancer in December, and his friend and co-star Olivia Newton-John in August 2022. .

Olivia, who was twice diagnosed with breast cancer, died at the age of 73 after a brave and public battle with cancer for a few years. The actress spent her final years at residence fighting for animal rights and raising money for charities online. Newton-John stated in an interview that she was a part of Travolta’s life for long and felt one thing was missing. She expressed worry that it may all come again, however stated she would expertise it once more.

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