“Comfy casual look”: Paparazzi caught Mila Kunis in public without make-up

Beautiful, no matter what she is wearing

Mila Kunis was born in Chernivtsi. Currently, she is considered one of Hollywood’s hottest actresses.

Regardless of her fame, Mila Kunis has never parted from her roots, unlike many other celebrities who’ve made a reputation for themselves outside their native country. 

Nowadays, we see many interviews where Mila brags about her Russian language knowledge when speaking about her childhood.

Lately, paparazzi spotted Mila Kunis in Los Angeles.

People then started leaving their comments and opinions under the pictures: “There are prettier Ukrainian ladies”, “very beautiful”, “attractive no matter what she is wearing”, “she should have washed before leaving the house”, “ she seems to be uncared for”.

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