“Rediculously small head”: People started mocking Naomi Campbell for the “worst photoshop ever”

Followers pointed out what exactly was photoshopped in the photo

The 52-year-old model posted photos from the event following the Oscars ceremony. Naomi Campbell became the topic of mockery following an obviously edited photo.

The worldwide catwalk and bright star has become one of the best models of all time. Naomi attended the movie’s after-premiere occasion in Hollywood. For the night, she opted for a whimsical Grecian-style cream gown. The bodice was formed like a seashell and the skirt that of armor fabricated from tiny rectangular scales. The slender figure of the “black panther” was highlighted by this tight gown. Naomi Campbell’s look was accompanied by caramel ankle boots and African-inspired jewellery.

Nevertheless, Naomi was not happy with the pictures taken and edited them rigorously before posting them on her Instagram. The final result was criticized as a result of a very disappointing photoshopping. Savvy users noticed the differences between the other pictures and the picture the model wanted to post.

Bloggers pointed out that the star had considerably shrunk her head and nostril, retouched her chin and visibly lightened the picture. Even Campbell’s most loyal fans were shocked by this unrelenting love for Photoshop.

Last year, Campbell became a mother for the first time. Rumors spread that she had adopted the child because no one had noticed the model’s tummy brfore. In an interview with British Vogue in February, Naomi revealed that she had gone by means of a surrogate.

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