“Looks so young!”: what 70-year-old Veronica Castro looks like now

It is impossible to guess her real age!

It is hard to imagine the star of the famous Mexican soap opera is already 70 years old. Many people grew up watching soap operas that includes Castro. We have recently come across Veronica’s Instagram account.

Her photos and ehr appearance are shocking! The 70-year-old actress seems to have forgotten to age. The only sign of the actress’ real age is her gray hair.

Veronica Castro is for natural aging and refuses to dye her hair. But Castro managed to preserve her slim figure and youthful appearance. It’s impossible to guess that th actress is already 70 years old.

“What a beauty!”

“Gray hair would not spoil her in any respect. “She looks young and fashionable”.

“Is she stuck in time?”, “Bravo, Veronica”, “This is how everybody shoul age!”.

What do you think about the actress and her current appearance?

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