“You won’t recognize her”: A random paparazzi photo of Uma Thurman shocked her followers

Fans had different opinions about her natural appearance

Actress Uma Thurman is adamantly against plastic surgery and different beauty procedures, saying they erase a person’s individuality. She believes people should age gracefully, which is why she does not use make-up in her everyday life and is not ashamed of her age-related changes.

One autumn day, Uma was photographed by reporters from a well-known celebrity paper. Uma had a mask on that covered half of her face. The picture was then posted, and the fans of the actress divided into two groups. Some were horrified by the drained look in her eyes and how exhausted she looked. Others, nevertheless, were in awe of her makeup-free beauty.

It should be known that Uma has always been a role-model for a lot of women, because she embodies beauty, femininity, creative and powerful will.

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