“No sign of unearthly beauty left!”: Stars who have lost their attractiveness over the years

We still remember them with their divine beauty!

They used to be the embodiment of beauty and charismatic appearance, with fans captivated by their magnificence, appearance and charisma. Numerous people dreamed to resemble them, however time and the passed years did not spare any of them. Some have tried to carry on to their youth with plastic surgeries and procedures, whereas others have chosen to age gracefully and let nature take its course. Regardless of their greatest efforts, nevertheless, a lot of them have been unable to keep up their once-beautiful appears to be like, whilst they reached their golden years. Consequently, traces of their former jaw-dropping attractiveness have completely disappeared, leaving only recollections of their former glory behind.

Gérard Depardieu

Melanie Griffith

Kim Basinger

Brigitte Bardot

Meg Ryan

Mickey Rourke

Michèle Mercier

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