“Victim of plastic surgery”: Linda Evangelista appeared in public for the first time after a plastic surgery

The surgery completely ruined her appearance

Model Linda Evangelista, 56, recently appeared in front of the cameras after an unsuccessful plastic surgery. Evangelista decided to undergo a plastic surgery to fix her face, vut undortunately everything went wrong.

After the surgery, Evangelista started to note bulges on her chin and legs, which rapidly grew bigger and numb. Realizing that she had got the opposite effect from what she had expected, Linda went to her surgeon for help.

In an interview with a preferred publication, Evangelista mentioned: “I finished consuming, it felt prefer it was about me. I believed I used to be doing one thing flawed.” The bodily adjustments attributable to the cosmetic surgery additionally affected her emotional and psychological state.

“I could not work anymore. I not needed to fulfill folks I had recognized for a few years. They ruined my look and my life,” Linda mentioned. The unfavorable influence of the failed surgical procedure on her private {and professional} life was important.

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